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Right-Click on any program’s icon and click properties. In the Shortcut key area, type in or hit your favorite shortcut like Ctrl-Alt-N for Notepad and anytime from that point on, your shortcut will launch that program.

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Q.  How do I clean up Temporary Files?
A.  Get rid of the temporary files that your computer amasses over time. Go to Computer (or My Computer) or Windows Explorer, and right-click the letter associated with your hard disk (usually C:). Click Properties, and then click Disk Cleanup.
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Questions & Answers

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Is my PC ready for for the next version of Windows?
Run the Windows Upgrade Advisor.
How do I change between active programs?
Alt+TAB once will cycle between last two active programs. Hold down the Alt key and repeatedly press the TAB key to cycle between all active programs.
How do I lock down my security on my WiFi?
1. Change the default administration password.
2. Change the SSID and set to not broadcast.
3. Set the security to WPA-psk or WPA2-psk and pick a password key.
What is the shortcut for locking my screen?
Hold down the Windows Key and the "L" key.
What is 'structured data'?
A set of information where the first row or record contains names for the column data and each subsequent row or record contains a unique set of data where each column or field contain the same data type of information and separated by a common character such as a comma or a TAB so that the data set structure could be easily understood by a spreadsheet, database, or table.
How can I create a PDF format file?
Microsoft Word 2010+ gives an option to directly "save as" PDF documents. To save your Word document as PDF, click the File Tab > Save As, and change the Save as type drop down list to PDF (*.PDF).
How can I rearrange task bar icons?
Win7 allows you to reorder them on the tray or move them outside or back in the tray. Take control of what you want to always keep an eye on, and from which apps you’ll require notifications.
How do I clean up Temporary Files?
Get rid of the temporary files that your computer amasses over time. Go to Computer (or My Computer) or Windows Explorer, and right-click the letter associated with your hard disk (usually C:). Click Properties, and then click Disk Cleanup.
How do I get Help?
The F1 key works with almost all Microsoft products, so it’s a helpful starting point for a wide variety of problems.
What is Microsoft's phone number?
To contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support, telephone (800) MICROSOFT (642-7676).
Where do I find Microsoft product support information?
To check the options that are available, visit the following Web site, and then select a product from the list: http://support.microsoft.com/select/?target=hub
How do I find hardware and software vendor contact information?
How do I check remaining HD space?
Right Click on drive letter in file manager and select Properties to check available hard drive space. Roughly 5 to 10 percent of your hard drive's total storage allotment should be left free to ensure optimum system performance.
How do I learn what an Error code means?
Go to: http://support.microsoft.com/gp/errormessage and enter the error code displayed in the pop up message.
How can I save an error code popup window?
Use keyboard shortcut, Alt+Prtsc keys to capture an active window or popup and then use Ctrl+v to paste the image into Word, or an eMail to print.
How do I remove mail stuck in my Outlook outbox?
To stop Outlook trying to send mail in outbox switch to WORK OFFLINE. In 2007-2010 use the Send/Recieve TAB, Preferences Command Group, Work Offline. Drag mail to another folder to work on problem.
How do I capture a Screen image?
Use the PrnScr key to capture the entire screen and ALT+PrnScr to capture just the application window the paste CTRL+V into a word processor
In Win8 how do I move or name a group of tiles?
Use CTRL+-, (minus key), to zoom out. Select a group and drag n drop. Right Click a group and select Name Group.
How do I see my installed Apps in Win8?
At the Start screen, type any character to begin a search and then ESC to remove character and Left Click anywhere in the APPs window. Arrow keys scroll through your installed Apps.
In Win8 where do I see the commands to format a Tile?
Right Click any tile to reveal its configuration commands below.
In Win8 how do I change the name displayed in aTile?
The Tile is just a visual view of a Shortcut. Right Click, select Open File Location and then rename the Shortcut itself
How do I Shut Down, Restart, or Sleep Win8
Keyboard Shortcut, WinKey+I, Select Power icon for menu.
In Win8 how do I close an App running in the Metro screen?
Use ALT+F4 to shut down the active running App whether in Metro or Desktop mode.
Where is the Microsoft Safety Scanner download?
http://www.microsoft.com/security/scanner/en-us/default.aspx to DownLoad and run the scan as part of your Security routine
How do I repair Corrupt System Files
System File Checker utility scans and repairs corrupt system files. At a CMD prompt type: sfc /scannow. Be patient process may take a short time.